Join us ‘saving the planet one bale at a time’! 

Saving the planet logoHelp stop global warming and combat climate change.

We create our own wood-chip on site, that heats the water for the radiators to dry the SHAVINGS… all of which makes it a carbon neutral process.

Using our carbon neutral, eco friendly horse bedding makes a difference! Powered by our biomass boilers means the only thing we put into the atmosphere is steam! The wood-chip comes from excess wood from our parent timber business. All of the wood is 100% FSC certified too so we’re wasting nothing!

We’re all about quality, dust extracted SHAVINGS that are good for horses, sustainable and cut pollution!! You can make a difference by using our eco friendly, carbon neutral bales and reduce your carbon footprint!

So if you love riding horses (shetland ponies to thoroughbreds) you can’t go wrong with Happy Horse Bedding.

Saving the planet one bale at a time, now there’s something to feel happy about.

Get some delivered or pop in and collect. Or if you’re wondering where there’s horse bedding for sale near you, check out our stockists around the country.

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