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Happy Horse Bedding Priority Service Launched

Never run out of bedding!

Become a priority customer, and we’ll put some bales aside for you every month.
Collected or delivered to your door.

 Features and benefits of the Happy Horse Bedding Priority Service:

  • You’ll be on the priority list when it comes to orders and supply
  • You’ll get a quick text to see what your needs are every month
  • You’ll never be short of bedding
  • Peace of mind knowing your horses are healthy and happy
  • You’ll be helping ‘save the planet one bale at a time’ as our bedding is carbon neutral and eco friendly

Priority Branding

Call Tracy on 07785 253998 or fill out the contact form below, and relax.

In a hurry for bedding now? Don’t forget you can Click and collect or have bedding Delivered to your door .


Priority Service enquiry form
DUST EXTRACTED SHAVINGS FROM £6.50 (20kg bale) - HIGHLY ABSORBENT SAWSAND from £5.50 (25kg bale)
Just in case we need to chat through a few details. (We'd eventually use this number to text and offer you some bales every month).

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