Highland Lodge

We’re helping care for a Grand National Horse!

Wow, it’s not often you meet a horse that ran in the Grand National! (and an Aintree Racecourse specialist). ‘Highland Lodge’ is being cared for by Mark Cramb Equestrian and is looking fantastic.  Mark is a regular client of ours and is a fantastic horse producer, dressage and event rider, and a freelance Instructor.

Horse care tips and tricks from Mark Cramb Equestrian

How to muck out a stable‘Highland Lodge’ prefers a mixture of Sawsand and Shavings as a bed, the mix adds substance and depth, and is highly absorbent. The Sawsand mixed in also falls through the fork while I’m mucking out so I’m only removing the dropping. All of which which means a smaller muck heap that saves me a fortune! If you’re thinking of buying a horse every penny counts.

Make mucking out easier

Dust extracted shavingsYou’ll all know how to muck out a stable, but Happy Horse Bedding’s ‘Easy-spread’ Shavings mean I can top up with the exact quantity I want as the bales come packed in smaller blocks for easy distribution. It also means I don’t have to change into my mucking out boots! I just grab my mucking out fork and it’s done in a jiffy!

How long should it take to muck out a stable?

As short a time as possible! I don’t know about world records but I managed to do 11 stables in record time because I’m not wasting as much bedding and it’s easier to handle. Plus the horses love it.

Saving time and money on horse care

mark cramb ridingAll together I’m saving time and money without compromising the care of my horses. Which means more time in the saddle for me having fun competing, or exploring the local bridleways in the Cheshire countryside!

Happy horses in happy bedding. Happy riding everyone!

Mark Cramb
Mark Cramb Equestrian




Tracy at Happy Horse BeddingCall Tracy with any questions: 07785 253998

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