Highly Absorbent SAWSAND

The 7 reasons to use Happy Horse Bedding SAWSAND revealed…

  1. Save Money: Happy Horse Bedding SAWSAND helps create smaller muck heap as it’s highly absorbent.
  2. Easier handling during mucking out as its packed in 20kg bags
  3. Compost after use as it’s biodegradable
  4. Flexibility: Ideal as base layer or can be used on its own
  5. Help preserve the forests: Made from bi-product of sister company (using FSC timber).
  6. Helps keep your carbon footprint down and prevent climate change through carbon neutral production.
  7. Delivered in 100% recycled plastic bags so helps keeps plastic waste out of landfill.

High Quality

When you use our SAWSAND (invented here at Happy Horse Bedding!), you can be confident of a quality product at a competitive price, but also rest assured about your effect on the environment being as low as possible.

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